Sunjay Morar | Digital Art Director

MLB Battlegrounds


Baseball is America’s oldest sport. With the oldest fanbase. As Major League Baseball launched in Europe, how could they convince millennials that an old game could keep pace?

Whether it’s video games, rap battles or twitter beefs, rivalry is a huge part of millennial’s lives. Baseball is built on centuries’ old rivalries that still divide today. For both, a collision of two cultures is always an unmissable spectacle. We just had to make it happen. Introducing MLB Battlegrounds: baseball’s historic rivalries reimagined for a new audience.

The Battlegrounds series featured immersive experiences and the freshest content. From short films to VR gaming to a Home Run Derby live in London's Hyde Park, Battlegrounds asks everyone to pick a side. Boston Red Sox vs L.A.Dodgers. So who’s it gonna be? 

Over 30,000 people attended the events with over 80% of the attendees being under the age of 34. A Twitter Livestream of the Home Run Derby captured 1 million viewers tuning in to watch the action!

Platform: Experiential Brand Activation
Agency: Imagination
Awarded: Highly Commended, Brand Activation of The Year 2017, The Drum.

Twitter Stream.png